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2015 New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

Ring in 2015 by being GOOD to you! Include dairy to make healthy taste delicious. Yogurt, Milk and cheese not only add protein, but dairy foods deliver big on taste, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. What's not to love. 

Visit pinterest.com/dairyutnv for recipe ideas. 

Pinterest Dairy UTNV Cozy Sips

Looking for Recipes?

Need recipe ideas? Our Pinterest page is packed with yummy, delicious, cozy ideas.

Warm up with a creative hot cocoa or get inspired to bring the most popular dish at your holiday party. 

Replenish Grant 2014-2015

Replenish Grants

Get ready for your championship season by refueling with chocolate milk. Ideal recovery nutrition post hard/long workouts. Chocolate milk:

REPLENISHES lost carbohydrate

REHYDRATES lost fluid

REPAIRS damaged muscle 

Grant money available to all Utah High Schools 


Fuel Up to Play 60 School Assemblies

Fuel Up to Play 60!

Is your school signed up? Contact us to become part of the largest in-school nutrition & physical activity program in the country. We may even be able to bring an Alex Smith Assembly to your school. 

Learn more about Fuel Up to Play 60.

Eat Healthy. Get Active. Make a Difference

~ Recipes ~

A good recipe box helps make eating so much fun. Check out these ideas from our own Becky Low and two exciting Utah Food Bloggers for fun, fresh, creative ideas on incorporating dairy into your daily routine.




Carrian Cheney - Perfect Pizzeria Pizza Sauce







Josh & Maria Lichty - Brown Butter Toffee Milkshake






Watch Becky Monday 1:00pm KSL Studio 5.

This Week:  Flatbread Israeli Skillet Pizza

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