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Great American Milk Drive - Donate Now

The Great American Milk Drive

Hungry families in our community are missing out on milk's essential nutrients because, despite demand, milk is not typically donated to food banks. All of dairy (farmers, processors & retailers) are joining forces with Feeding America to help solve the problem. You can help make a difference. Visit milklife.com/give

Honoring the Harvest


The dairy community is committed to a healthier world by making products that are good for you and good for the earth. Dairy farmers rethink waste, and, through innovation, transform food waste into natural fertilizer and renewable energy. Learn more about how dairy farmers Honor the Harvest and check out local sustainability at "The Cow Locale.

Replenish Grants 2013-14

Replenish Grants are Back!

Back to school, back to school sports! Make this your best season yet by encouraging your athletic departments to apply for a "Replenish Grant." All Utah High Schools are eligible to receive $500 toward purchasing chocolate milk - the ideal recovery beverage for athletes. Apply Now


Nutrition + Physical Activity = Improved Academics

Research shows that improved nutrition & increased physical activity can lead to improved academic performance. A new report, The Wellness Impact addresses the role of schools in promoting nutrition & physical activity for a healthier future. 

~ Recipes ~

A good recipe box helps make eating so much fun. Check out these ideas from our own Becky Low and two exciting Utah Food Bloggers for fun, fresh, creative ideas on incorporating dairy into your daily routine.




Carrian Cheney - Perfect Pizzeria Pizza Sauce







Josh & Maria Lichty - Roasted Mushroom & Gruyere Toasts






Watch Becky Monday 1:00pm KSL Studio 5.

This Week: Kumquat Meringue


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